Sunday, August 10, 2008


"Promises, Promises!"



mcl said...

It sure doesn't say anything about a 'Boys & Girls Club' on this sign. BTW,a huge and grateful thanks to ALL those who worked long and hard to make this a reality! The neighborhood will be forever grateful. Well done!

proGun said...

I have some pictures of the porno shop and Kentucky Fried Chicken that occupied the former strip mall at that site.
Some of the pictures are from nite some are from a blizzard.
BTW very nice blog keep up the good work.

mcl said...

Thanks, progun!
I remember well the former occupants of the Gale Park site. As you say, at Marshfield & Howard was the Kentucky Fried and at Ashland (which no longer goes thru to Jonquil) and Howard was the strip mall with Queens Pantry, the pawn shop (now across the street), a small laundry-mat and of course, the porn shop. I even remember when the KFC site was a group of store fronts, housing the Howard Hardware and a great little 'Latino' Market with an excellent butcher shop in the back. Those buildings burned down and KFC built on the site.